When the dreams end...Mature

"See, I don't mind you banging your head on the wall till you get a concussion, but why must you do it at my place?" Sven tried to stop Lenore, who seemed to be possessed by the devil at the moment.

"Because you're the only one who doesn't care if I get a concussion" Lenore replied, comtinuing to softly bang her head on the wall for no apparent rime or reason.

Sven twisted on his bed as the scene changed.

"I will give you everything you want" he could hear Merle Schulz's creepy voice, and a shiver ran down his spine as she approached him. "Just do as I instuct you."

"I can't do this, Aunt Merle!" he countered, scandalized, fully realising what she was proposing.

"No one cares whether you want to do it or not" She bent in till she kissed him straight on the lips, even though he struggled against it.

"I can't" he wheezed, "I like someone..."

"You can't lie throught this one, my precious Sven" Merle said as she edged into his bed. "You, you are mine..."

Sven let out a pained grunt as he turned again. Why wouldn't these senseless dreams go?

"You will not take her name!" Merle screamed, "You will not say Lenora ever again."

"Aunt Merle, I cannot help it! I really love her" Sven backed against the wall as Merle aimed  revolver at him.

"You don't know what love is" she laughed hysterically, "She can never love you the way I do."

"I don't like you!" Sven screamed.

The revolver screamed back in answer.

"A fourteen year old boy does not know what is love" Merle stood near him as he crouched on the floor in pain, bleeding profusely from his shoulder, "Lenora is imaginary" she declared.

"No, she isn't" Sven cried out, "My Lenora is not imaginary."

The nightmare melded and disintegrated into nothingness as Sven sat on the bed, wheezing. Someone was ringing the doorbell insistently.

It was his father and Dominik. His father seemed aghast at his condition. Without a sound, he grabbed Sven's hand and pushed back his jacket sleeve. A set of angry hypodermic needle marks revealed themselves.

"Oh, my child" Arndt Schulz almost wept as he noticed the marks. "If Dominik hadn't told me...Why didn't you ever tell me, Sven? Was I so engrossed in my business that I didn't care if my son was an abused drug addict?"

The End

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