Return of the DisgracedMature

Knock, knock, knock.

Lenore's heart was in her mouth as she stood in front of Sven's door. Morne was banging on the door, calling Sven's name.

"Sven! I know you're here. Are you alright? Sven, open the door.", and Morne continued to bang on the front door.

Each minute seemed an eternity. Lenore could feel that her face was expressionless. After what he had said to her...why did she care? Why was she so scared? Why did she want to see his face again when he had humiliated her so badly?

"God, why is there an infernal knocking on the door?" A pale, haggard face peered out as the door opened.

Lenore nearly let out a small cry of shock. The shadow of Sven that stood before her had lost weight drastically. His face was much thinner, and his under-eye cicles were prominent against his pale skin. His hair had grown, and was now pulled back into a ponytail and it was dyed jet black. his eyes, so full of life and humour, were reduced to blank blue dots.

"We were worried about you...What kind of a freak are you to go missing for two months?" Morne said, flabbergasted at how Sven looked.

Sven frowned at Morne and gave a nod in Julianna's direction. His eyes turned to Lenore and locked upon her.

"And what, might I ask, are you doing here?" he asked her in a condescending, sarcastic tone, "Don't tell me that you have come back to confess one more time."

"No" Lenore bit back, "The world doesn't revolve around you, you know."

"Oh, it doesn't?" He raised an eyebrow in question as he crossed his arms with infuriating calm, "It did the last time I checked."

"I despise your guts, Sven, and this is the nicest way that I can put it." Lenore sighed as if she was arguing with an impudent child. "I don't care whether you live or die. How about you accept this?"

"Oh, you hate me now?" a vile, irritating smile crept upon his face. She knew that he was enjoying every minute of their conversation.

"Yes I do" Lenore muttered savagely, tears creeping into her eyes, "You ruined my birthday. I HATE YOU. YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO RUIN  MY DAY! YOU ARE NOT WORTH LOVING!"

She turned and sprinted for the stairs. Without a word more, Julianna hurried after her, begging her to stop. Only Morne remained in the corrider, staring at Sven.

"What did she ever do to you?" he asked in a low voice. "It's her birthday, you freak! How can you do this to her? How can you be so mean to someone who's worried about you?''

"Get lost" Sven banged the door on his face.

The End

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