Je ne regrette rienMature

This is about a sporadic druggie belonging to obscure nobility. His only close friend is his neighbor, Lenore

"Why don't you keep this book on the shelf?" Morne handed her the birthday present and pointed to the bookshelf next to the window.

She smiled as she accepted the book. The package was so badly done that she at once saw that it was a DIY manual on pencil sketching. Bless him for thinking of that. Julianna collapsed on her bed smiling like a satisfied cat. She was happy for Julianna; Morne suited her perfectly.

By a weird mechanism, almost a mix of regret and nostalgia, she glanced up at Sven's window, though she didn't know why. She hadn't dont this for months, ever since...after...after Sven's violent outburst and his consequent disappearance. His cousin Dominik had gone to Paris on work and he wasn't supposed to come back until another fortnight.

"Morne..." Lenore almost whispered, "Sven's window is open."

"What are you talking about?"Morne sounded serious as he walked up to where she stood, staring at the window.

"Oh my..." Julianna's words failed her as she came to stand next to Lenore.

"D'you's him?" Lenore breathed. Her heart was thumping harder and louder, till she was sure that it would burst.

The last time she had seen has been nothing short of a disaster. He had been worried and depressed foir the weeks that led to his outburst. She couldn't have chosen a worse time to pry into his life, and burden him with her own feelings. It was no wonder that he had behaved the way he had. 

The End

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