You I Love (The End)Mature

She laid her body against the hardwood floor. She glanced around her living room and reminded herself of the bonds made stronger with her family members,  sorority sisters,  friends and enemies this year. She inhaled the combination of youthberry candles and her favorite tea; emperor mist and cloud.  

The sultry and sensual sound of Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope smoothed throughout her georgian style apartment. The cool but hard September rain tapped down on her window panel. She dried her hair with a warm dry towel from the dryer and stared at the ceiling.

"Wow, 2015 has been an emotional but great year."

John ran down the stairs with the remote in his hand, "I found it, I left the remote in the bathroom. It's my third favorite place in the house."

Denise chuckled,  "ewww!  I'm guessing the 2nd is our bedroom and the 1st being the kitchen."

John kissed her on her forehead as he laughed, "damn, you know me well."

Denise smiled as she sat up, "this year was tough on our relationship.  Several months ago, I was laying right here,  thinking about if we weren't going to make it."

John started to massage her shoulders, "I ended our relationship this year, which was the hardest thing I had to do. Then I made a series of very bad mistakes and then God lead me back to you."

Denise enjoyed the massage as she replied, "yeah, this year has been full of mistakes and emotions. I have made a series of bad mistakes too. But I'm glad that it seems over. How is Dan?"

John rubbed deeply, "my brother will be fine. But he got a job... back in Boston. So he is moving back. It's sad that they didn't work out.  He is a strong dude, he'll be fine."

Denise moaned with relief. She smiled, "Dan will be fine. But I like Eve living with me, it's like our college days all over again."

JoJo's Real Love played loudly outside Denise's apartment. Denise stood up and ran over to the window.

Eve got out of the car and Dolph lifted the umbrella. John and Denise watched them exchange words and then kissed. Denise opened the window as John called cat sounds making fun noises at them. Eve and Dolph both responded embarrassed and giddy.

Denise ran back into the living room with John.

John chuckled, "when she comes in here, you know she's going to be pissed."

Denise smiled, "hell yeah, she is going to be pissed."

Denise slid in her socks back over to the window, "oh, they are still talking, we still have time."

John grabbed two glasses of wine, "baby, let's make a toast before she gets in."

Denise turned on one of their favorite love songs:  You, by Jesse Powell. They wrapped their arms as John toasted:

"Even though the year isn't finish, I'm so happy to close this long and exhausting chapter with you around me. I love you so much."

Denise continued,  "I am so blessed to have a ring sealing our love to the world and having you as my husband. You are marrying into my special and hilarious family, can't wait to you experience that. Thought your parents were crazy, haha."

John smiled, "oh I bet. I heard the stories about your dad."

Denise smiled, "are you ready to take this journey with me?"

John wrapped his arms around and Denise and kissed her. "Yes, I am."

Eve jingled the door and came in. Eve smiled as she caught Denise and John in a passionate kiss. She started to make kissing noises.

"Excuse me, love birds, stop kissing, I need to tell you about my date with Dolph!"

Denise and John laughed out loud as they sat on the couch to hear about Eve's adventure. 

The End.

The End

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