Forgiven, and lovedMature

Two Months Passed

The AuthorWriters, Chantel sung Raggedy Ann as Eve danced alone in the studio against the lingering alto voices. She lifted her leg and twirled her body. She could feel the air through her movements. Her curls kept getting in her face as she prepared herself to spin. 

Denise walked down the steps and knocked on the private door. Eve unlocked the dance studio and Denise smiled.

"I was watching you through the glass viewing space."

Eve wiped her sweat with a magenta towel, "I finally got that spin down."

Denise smiled, "it took my mind off of everything."

Eve adjusted her bra as a thought pierced her mind, "the court date was today for John's gyms. Omg, how did it go?"

Denise frowned, "he lost a lot. He has only custody of his main gym. He also  will continue to receive certain payments from the other gyms until Nikki removes his names."

Eve rubbed her hand, "that is what was expected. Thank God, she didn't leave him broke. How is he handling it?"

"I'm going to check with him, now. Please come with me."

"Um, Dan will be there."

"John needs you there. I need you."

"Um, I'm dipping if I see Dan. He just finished stalking me. Last month was rough, I just don't want to start him again."

"Okay, I wait for you."

Eve showered and dressed. Denise and Eve met Tammy, Naomi and John at his center city location. EVE's Satisfaction played throughout the gym.

Denise opened the door to be greeted by Drexel and Abraham.

"Did you see John?" Denise hugged them both.

John burst through the doors with excitement,  "It's my gym!!"

They all congratulate John as Dan opened the door. John finished, "thank you all for supporting me and loving me through this rough time. I was never do this again. I have learned my lesson."

Denise walked up and kissed John. Dan walked over to Eve.

Eve looked at him with irritation. 

Dan smiled, "I know you don't want to talk to me, but I know you still love me. I understand why we aren't together, but I don't want you to forget about me. I'm still getting myself together and when I'm back, I hope you'll have me again."

Eve gently smiled.

Dan continued,  "I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me." He didn't let her finished and he walked away. 

Eve looked down as weird emotions took over her thoughts, "I forgive you, Dan.

The End

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