Really MatteredMature

Later that night.

Abraham wrapped his arms around Maryse's waist and gave her a kiss. John pulled up in his car with Dan sitting in the passenger's seat. Maryse smiled as she wiped her lipstick off of Abraham. 

"Very nice kisser, you are."

He chuckled as she finished, "it was nice meeting you, Abraham."

Abraham exchanged telephone numbers with Maryse as Eve and Denise walked out of the restaurant.  Titus and Drexel quickly followed. Denise and her girls were very bubbly. Denise walked up to John's car as Dan opened the other passenger's door.

"Fiancé, Eve drove her car so I'm going to ride with her back."

Dan disagreed, "Denise, just drive Eve's car, and I want Eve to drive with us."

Eve smiled and squeezed Denise's hand. 

John looked confused, "that doesn't make any sense. Eve should drive her own car."

Denise agreed, "yeah, I'm not driving Eve's car, and plus I need her to help me. Is that okay, Dan?"

Dan looked at Eve and she smiled, "babe, don't worry, we'll drive safe." Eve faked a smile.

John dismissed Dan's conversation,  "Denise, Dan and Eve are still staying with us, so I'll race you guys home. (He turned to Titus.) Are you and Drexel coming too?"

Titus smiled, "ha, nope. We need to enjoy some lovin time."

They all laughed.

Denise kissed John passionately as Eve kissed Dan. Denise and Eve got in the car and drove off. Dan instructed John to follow Eve, but he went another route. 35 minutes later, Denise locked her door and text John that Dan was being to controlling. Shannon Legrand's Never Really Mattered.

Eve shared her experience at Demetreus' restaurant with Denise.

Eve text Dan, "Dan, we are over. I gave John back our house key. Please don't call me!"

For the next few hours Dan would constantly call and text Eve. She ignored them and stayed with Denise. John kept Dan at his house, trying to keep him away from Eve. 

Dan paced around John's place venting about Eve and how he needs to see her. He felt upset that John was almost aiding Eve then being on his side.

John said, "listen, you can keep beg and pleading but I'm not letting you out of this house. You're getting more controlling as time goes on. I need you to chill out."

Dan yelled, "she is my entire life. She can't just give up on me, on us!"

John hugged his brother, "bro, give her space. She is allowed to give up. And she did. Just give her space."

Dan replied,  "was I that bad?"

John rubbed his back, "lately, you're starting to become controlling..."

He whispered,  "I just don't want her to leave me... I won't get her back..."

The End

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