First TrialMature

Eve took a deep breath as she turned the corner. She felt her eyes water and anxiety ooze out her pores. She took a deep breath as her first tear dropped from her eyes. She felt relief. She swallowed and put her hand on the door to the main restaurant.  She could see the celebration and the joyous expression on everyone's face. Anchor by Monica played lightly in the background. 

She stared at her black diamond studded fingernail polish as she heard her name called. She felt her body become stiff with fear.

"Evelina!" Dan warned.

She turned around slowly, "yes?"

Dan commanded, "don't ever disrespect me like that."

Eve lifted her chin, "you have disrespect me for too long."

"What are you talking about?"

"Are you serious, Daniel?" Eve stared to pace, "the financial situation and you not holding up your end. I just can't."

"I have always provided for you. Just because I'm low doesn't mean your suppose to just leave me. How do you think John and Denise became engaged? They have been through many trials and now look at them. This is our first trial, and you are just going to desert me. What happened to trust or even loving me?! Evelina, do you fucking hear me?"

Eve whispered, "don't curse at me."

Dan finished, "take your keys back and wipe your face. I don't want people to think we aren't okay."

He put the keys back into her hands as she took a deep breath. She excused herself and went into the bathroom. 

She felt defeated as she could hear him pace outside the door. She looked at the phone as she wiped her eyes. Laura Ann, Denise's twin sister came into the bathroom.

Laura Ann smiled, "hey gorgeous..." She looked closer and finished, "what is wrong, Eve?"

"Hi LaLa, I'm so happy for John and Denise." Eve lied.

Laura Ann cocked her head side ways, "are you lying to me?"

Eve scrunched her face and nodded yes.

Laura Ann walked up and hugged her. The embrace made her feel at ease as she held back her tears. Dan knocked at the women's restroom door. Eve shot up.

Laura Ann became worried about Eve, "Eve, we are sorority sisters too. If I can help, please let me."

Eve smiled, "thank you. I should be fine. It's just a rough patch."

Eve laid a second coating of lipstick on her lips and left.

The End

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