Out of InkMature

Denise smiled as she choked on her words and whispered, "you didn't have to do this, and go out of your way to make me feel so special. You do it every time you look at me."

John looked up at her and chuckled, "This year, I understand why you are in my life. I wanted the world and our loved ones, collectively to be aware that we are a strong partnership."

Denise squeezed his hand, "I don't know what to say. I'm practically speechless. "

Preston Harris sung I Love you as Denise continued to mumbled to John.

Denise's sisters yelled, "say YES!"

The crowd laughed out loud and Denise yelled, "YES!!"

John slid the pear shaped diamond set in platinum on her finger. They stood up and kissed. Everyone around cheered and clapped.

Dan grabbed Eve's hand, "that will be us, some day."

Eve snatched her hand, "can you stop doing that?"

Dan looked down at Eve sitting during the commotion of festivities. "What is your problem?"

"All the problems you never want to discuss. Stop acting like everything is great between us, stop faking the fucking funk. Just stop!"

"You need to calm down and relax, we will talk about this tonight."

Eve stood up, "No! We are talking about this now! Let's go!" She pointed at the hallway.

Eve stormed away as Dan quickly followed. With the commotion of the engagement announcement, no one noticed that they left the room.

"Why are you acting like this, you were fine this morning?"

"Dan, we haven't been fine at all. Because you chose to ignore these topics doesn't mean I have too, anymore?!"

"Listen, you're clearly upset, and we aren't here for us, but for..."

Eve interrupted,  "see, like shit like this. It's only convenient when you need to talk to me, but I can't address my feelings? This is just too much."

Dan stepped closer, "baby, calm down." He noticed she was really upset.

She stepped back, "why are you listening, you are getting (sharply inhale)... I need you to, can you stop..." She felt anxiety build through her pores. 

Dan grabbed her hand, "you're not making any sense?"

Eve nervously whispered, "I am so damn frustrated."

Dan rubbed her hand, "I will fix everything."

Eve let go of his hand, "but it's already too far broken, I love you and I know you love me. But I can't with you anymore. I have run out of ink."

Dan whispered,  "wait...not here?!"

Eve wiped his tear, "I love you, but we are over. Here are the keys to the house."

She placed the keys in his hand and walked away from him. Dan stood there as he tried to process what was happening. She felt empowerment as she walked away from him. She felt a sense of relief as she turned the corner. She felt her eyes started to water but she kept walking. She raised her chin and reentered the gathering. 

The End

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