The King and QueenMature


A disdained Eve stared at the pianist fall in love with their music. She could feel the weight of her mascara pressed down on her eyelid. All she could focus on was her speech and her emotions. She linger her every thought against the talented singer's adlibs and words. 

Dan pressed his clammy and cold palm against her warm knee and she jerked. She quickly released from her daydream and returned to reality. The sound of laughter and friendship reminded her to smile.  She blinked intensely as she exhaled air.

She turned to Dan and whispered,  "yes?"

Dan cracked a smile, "You look beautiful, tonight. "

Eve smiled, and turned back to the artist. She was singing her own rendition of Monica's You Chose Me.

Dan mumbled, "why are you acting like this? What did I do to deserve this behavior from you? Can you just look at me?"

Eve tapped her fingers against the rhythm, and continued to stare at the singer.

Demetreus, the owner cheerfully returned to John's table and asked, "So, how was dinner?"

John and everyone else agreed, "just perfect.

Demetreus turned to Denise, "and are you enjoying this musical selection at this moment?"

Denise looked confused, "yes, Demetreus.  This artist is extremely talented."

Demetreus politely nodded, and turned to the rest of the table, "I hope you have room for desert! I personally prepared John and Denise's favorite,  lightly sea salted caramel and chocolate brownies."

Denise squeezed John's hand with excitement.  Demetreus smiled and raised his hand. 

"Excuse me, guests of my restaurant,  I apologize for interrupting your equisite meals but this gentleman, right here is John Beamer.  He is my fraternity brother and he has a grand slam announcement.  I want my guest to enjoy his specialty desert on the house. John, my brother,  the spotlight is all yours."

The singer hummed Monica's You Chose Me as John raised his glass.

John wiped his face as all the gentleman of his table stood up. Denise and all the girls looked around with confusion.

John turned to Denise, got down on one knee and  announced, "I love you unconditionally and without hesitation,  I vow to always love you and foster a relationship of compassion, loyalty , laughter, equality and trust. I never thought I would meet the woman I will marry at a baseball game. I met you over 5 years ago and our friendship sprouted into a relationship and now hopefully a full fledged partnership. Denise, I would be honored to do this correctly in front of our families and friends."

Denise eyes watered as she looked around the restaurant to see a table full of her siblings. Her sisters, Tiffany, Laura Ann, Traycee and Sabrina sitting alongside her mother, Bernadette and her father, Tony. Boug and Lisa were sitting with a live skype of John's parents. She saw Mylez, Krescent, Roman, Galina and her chapter sisters sitting at another table.

John smiled, "thank you for being my rock, through all my hard times.  You have always been my princess. I would like for us to become a King and Queen. Denise Anita DaSilva, will you become my wife?"

The End

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