The SisterhoodMature


Dan tried to subtlety get Eve's attention as everyone enjoyed their separate conversations.

Eve looked down at her food and with frustration mumbled, "can you stop?"

He pouted as he text her. She felt her phone vibrate and she ignored it. 

Dan mumbled back, "fine, we will talk when we get back to John's place."

Eve looked up and intensely stared at Denise.  Denise laughed at Titus' joke and looked over to Eve. Denise read her facial expression as the table laughed again to Abraham's follow up joke. 

Denise whispered to John, "baby, I'm going to the powder room with the girls." 

John removed the seat as Denise got up. Eve, Maryse and Drexel excuse themselves as well.

Eve expressed herself in the bathroom to the girls. She wiped her tearful eyes and stared into the mirror. The girls chimed in, as they support Eve and her frustrations.  Maryse briefly expressed her delight with Abraham. Shortly of five minutes in the bathroom,  Dan knocked on the women's bathroom.

"I need to talk to Eve before we get back to the dinner table. I'll be out here when you girls are finish."

Eve's anxietly level shot through the roof as Dan's voice echo against the stalls. Denise and Drexel tried to calm her down as Maryse excused herself back to the table. 

Abraham smiled as Maryse sat down, "John, can you do me a favor, and get Dan to come back to the table."

John stood up, "yeah? Is he causing trouble?"

Maryse giggled, "he was pacing outside the women's bathroom, just now."

Titus chuckled, "that's some weird shit. But he's been zoned out all evening."

John chuckled, "I'll go get him." He stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

Eve looked down at her phone and glanced over Dan's text messages.

Eve bit her lip with nervousness,  "this is hard..."

Drexel and Denise held her hand, "we will never leave you. Our sorority's first principle is..."

They said together, "sisterhood!"

Drexel snickered,  "you aren't alone! This is going to be hard, but you are a powerful woman. We support any decision you are going to make."

Denise rubbed her hand, "we love you, Eve. We will be right next to you always. We are the devastating divassssss of DST!!!"

Eve tightly hugged them and heard a knock at the door.

Denise opened the door, and John smiled.

John smiled, "I heard your sorority speech. Don't worry, I sent Dan back to his seat. Come on back and be at ease. Demetreus,  the owner is at our table. Come on,  let's meet him."

The End

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