Demetreus' Vivace DirectionMature


The pianist drifted through the triplets and chords in an allegretto vivace fashion. The hickory brown piano sat in the center of this prestigious restaurant with an overhead balcony. The cannon and meriot cork bricked archs and wall panels created third dimensions presentations.

The four gentlemen sat with four empty chairs waiting for their spouses to arrive.

"Damn, where are the girls?" Titus chuckled as he bit into a warm roll.  

"Now bro, you know the girls were going to be late." Abraham straighted his brown tie. " I'm more nervous for this girl, they are hooking me up with."

John smiled, "I trust Eve. I think she's a good match maker. Right, Dan?"

John snapped his fingers near Dan's face. He broke his train of thought, "yeah, exactly.... mmmhhhmmm. Yeah, whatever you say."

Titus took another bite and disregarded Dan, "don't worry kiddo. These bunch of friends are cool. No crazies."

John watched Dan stare at the piano with confusion. 

Abraham stood up, "guys, the girls are here." The guys stood up and greeted them individually. 

Titus softly kissed Drexel and stood behind her chair. Drexel flaunted her gold flecked body con dress with her four inch opened toe chocolate brown wedge heels.

Denise kissed John's cheek. She sported a emerald green keyhole body con with dark blood red five inch pumps as he seated her.

Eve introduced Abraham, John's bestfriend to Maryse, a blond bombshell from Paris. Eve and Maryse both sporting off the shoulder dresses. Eve's was royal purple with gilded gold accessories while the bombshell rocked a black and teal with a revealing neckline.

"Abraham, this is Maryse." Eve turned around and gently hugged Dan. Dan tried to kiss her and she avoided him. They all seated and looked at John.

John smiled,  "I'm glad you guys could find this place. I love Demetreus'! I know the owner and when he told me he had an opening,  I couldn't resist. I'm happy to be surrounded by my friends, family and bestfriends. I want us to enjoy ourselves tonight. While I have money, I'm going to spend it."

John ask for waitress, "the first round of drinks are on me. Let's enjoy ourselves!"


The End

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