A Repugnant VisitMature

John tapped his fingers against his marble countertops. Common's Love Is played through his apartment. He shook his head as he read over the court papers. He looked up to his ceilings and prayed.

"Lord, I certainly learned my lesson. I understand I was wrong with the relationship with Nikki. Everything about it was wrong, but help me guide my life back to the path you need me to be. If I lose my gyms, I won't fret cause I know you are always in control. Lord, guide me to make the right decisions as I trust in you, and will not lean onto my own understanding."

He looked down at his watch and walked over to his couch. He slide on his Cole Haan, zeroed gravity black boots. He reminded Denise that they were meeting at KOP at 7pm. 

He opened the door and Nikki stood in his doorway.


Nikki stood in his doorway with a black jacket and red pumps.

"I think we should talk before our lawyers are present." She mumbled.

John looked down, "why do we have to do this at all?"

Nikki stepped closer to him, "because you could of had it all. You wanted the perfect picture. You had the chance and then you let me go."

John shook his head, "it didn't feel right."

Nikki stepped closer, "what do you mean, it didn't feel right? You were fucking me while with Denise. It felt right when Denise didn't pay you any attention and when she nagged you."

John held his ground, "I am sorry."

Nikki stepped closer, "No, I'm sorry.  You could of had it all, but you lost it. And your properties because of your stupidity and selfish foolishness."

John smirked, "why are you really here, Nikki?"

She stepped closer, "because you needed me to tell you this. You needed to understand."

John chuckled, " No, you needed to understand and justify your actions of being a selfish, repugnant and detestable bitch, whom has no purpose of taking my gyms, only to hurt me."

Nikki smirked, "There are my gyms."

John stepped closer as she took a step back, " I don't know what you were trying to prove here, by showing up here, but your point wasn't proven. I'll see you in court with all your grimly faces."

Nikki blew him a kiss, "I hope you are ready to lose everything! Bitch!"

The End

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