Her 2nd ComingMature

She jerked back her head as she felt every stroke of his fleshy muscular organ. Her head smashed against the six story window, over seeing the city she had slowly fallen in love with. Love for That by Mura Masa played faintly behind Dolph.  The deep cellos and violins were harmonizing with every sound that escape from her grasp. She couldn't focus on any thoughts that fluttered through her head. Just the warmth of Dolph's lips.

Dolph lifted Eve up and used his fingers to part her streams. The sensitive touch caused her body to quiver as she prepared her self for her second coming.

She tripped over the box of her personal belongs and it snapped her out of daydream.

"Damn, all I can think about is Dolph's lips." 

Eve grabbed a box and put it in her car. She walked back into the house with a flashlight. 


Denise responded with a candle, "how long have you been without electricity?"

Eve rubbed her hands together, "it's been about a week,  I think."

Eve looked down and picked up the call. "Hey Layla."

Denise nodded, "is that your sister, Layla?"

Eve signal yes and she grabbed a box and headed outside.

Denise called John.

"Baby, I'm still with Eve. Can you cook instead?"

John replied, "yeah, I figured that. We are going out instead. Everyone has had a rough week,  and I'm treating. So we are going to King of Prussia and I want to get dressed up."

"Perfect babe. Eve and I are on my way too my house and then off to KOP."

"See you at 7 pm."

The End

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