In The Aiiiiiirrrrr!Mature

Denise glanced into the rear view mirror as Eve stumbled out of the building. Dolph caught her. They looked happy and giddy. Eve hugged him and called Denise.

Denise beeped the car horn as Eve skipped towards it.

Eve opened the door, "hey Bestie!" Dolph smiled as he waved goodbye. Denise's eyes matched his through the rear view mirror. He started walking towards the subway.

Denise smiled as Justin Beiber's Sorry took over the radio. Denise put the car in drive and took off.

Eve chimed, "I really like him."

Denise smirked, "what did you do?"

Eve moaned, "we talked and then he ate me out."

"Woah! Really?" 

"Yeshhhhh, he did honey! He picked me up against the window. HAD ME IN THE AIRRRR! Just eating me the fuck out. Ugh, it has been so long since me and Dan have done anything THAT adventurous."

Denise turned the corner, "damn!"

"Then he flipped me and did it again. It was the best 15 minutes of my life. I also decided, I can't go around and cheat on Dan."

"Did you get my call? He was in the building?!"

"Are you serious? I didn't know? Welp! I don't care."

"You do care?!"

"Fine, I do, but I can't live like this anymore, Dee!"

"Cut it with him then." Denise commanded as she stopped at a red light.


"Is it really that easy?"

"I will try. Can I move in with you?"

"Yes. Dan is eating at John's tonight."

"Good, that will give me enough time to move all my shit out of his house."

"You're really serious about this, aren't you?" Denise drove onto the turnpike.

"Denise, I am done with Dan. I don't deserve this. I need a man that will always be stable and communicate with me. Not push his problems onto his family. Dan is a grown man. I'm tired of trying."

"You love him, don't you?"

"I do. But I love Alberto too. If I could combine Alberto and Dan, I would."

"So, you're done with Dan. Officially. "

"Why are you surprised? If this was the early part of your relationship with John, you would feel the same. Stop frontin Dee."

"Eve, don't get upset with me. I understand and I'm sorry."

"Dee, don't get me wrong if we dated as long as you and John have dated, I would fight for this. But it has been less than 8 months. Like we skipped way to many steps. And I'm okay with being single."

"Then Eve, you are my bestie and my sorority sister! I am team Eve."

"Thank you Dee. This is going to be rough but I need your support in leaving him."

"You got it, Eve!"

"Thanks Bestie!"

The End

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