Sweet DevotionMature

Denise took a deep breath as Eve didn't pick up her phone.  She became be

side herself as she felt powerless. Denise turned to the secretary.

"Is Dolph the only attorney working right now?"

She nastily responded, "yes, its the end of the day. When you leave, I can go home. We all know Dan and Dolph has a client, your friend."

Denise cocked her head back, "Oop! I'll go. You don't have to be so irritated."

Denise looked at the elevator door and cringed. She swiftly walked back to Eve's car. She sat there for 24 minutes and listened to the radio.

Denise couldn't help but stare in the rear view mirror as Adele's Sweet Devotion played in the background. Dan walked out and looked disappointed. He started walking the opposite direction towards the subway on his phone.

Denise look down at John calling her.

"Hey babe? Whatcha doing?"

"Listening to Adele."

"Love her music. I just heard, we are officially going to trial for my gyms. I will probably lose the two new ones, but I'll get a lump sum of cash back. I hope I don't lose my central place."

"Baby, don't worry about it. Just talk to God about it. He will lead us in the right direction. Have you been reading your bible?"

"Yes, I started a few days ago."

"Good, I'll be home soon. I'll cook dinner. I'm thinking seafood?"

"Anything your hands prepare, you know I'll eat. Do you mind if Dan comes over? He is still upset."

"Yeah, Drexel might come too. I haven't seen her in a while."

Denise smiled as they disconnected. 

The End

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