Reason for the SeasonMature

Denise looked at Dolph's office door and giggled.  

An emotion of sadness took hold of her about the thought of Eve potentially cheating on her boyfriend. 

"Damn." She whispered to herself.

But she was fully aware that this wasn't her place to say anything and Eve was her best friend, before Dan was her friend. She took one more picture against the full fledged mirror capturing her outfit and went on her way.

She checked her royal blue lipstick and headed towards the elevator. She stood against the steel walls, dreaming about the warmth of John's arms and how everything seems to happen for a reason. 

The doors to the first floor opened, as Denise swiftly walked towards the secretary's desk. Dan opened the door and walked behind Denise. 

"Hey Miss Blue Heels?"

Denise jumped as Dan's smile caught her off guard. 

He smiled again, "hey Denise. You know how to wear some shoes." Referring to her five inch royal blue heels.

Denise nervously chuckled, "HA! What are you doing now?"

Dan proclaimed, "I am handling my business! I am going to storm into Dolph or Miles office and plead for this job."

Denise looked down at her watch, "it's the end of the day. They probably all left."

Dan ignored her, "Denise, I just gotta try! So excuse me..."

He pressed the elevator button as Denise called Eve's cell phone.

Before the elevator door shut, he said, "hey, what are you doing here?"

Denise looked down at her phone and said, "um, uh, um Starbucks business."

The elevator door closed. 

The End

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