Pretty Boy CharmMature

Dolph closed his private office door as Denise ensconced herself onto the chair. Eve stomped into his office and demanded answers.

 "Dolph, what the hell is going on?" Eve commanded.

 Denise threw her ear as she opened up her instagram page. 

Eve pushed him by the window, "you know exactly what I am talking about, Dolph."

 "Eve, I don't know what your talking about?"

"Save the pretty boy charm for someone else. You didn't give Dan the job! Why?! You told me he was in! You lied! You're a liar!"

"Eve, please relax." He said as she started to drive her fist into his chest.

"What do you want from me? How can I make this right?"

He grabbed her arms and restrained her, "you need to stop fighting your man's problems and let him fight."

"I don't think he knows how to... I can't live like this!" Eve mumbled as his grip started to weaken.

He released her and she stood alone.

Eve mumbled, "I am all out of ideas, I can't do it, or this or nothing."

Her front curl bounced in front of her face. Dolph moved it and caressed her cheek.

"I know you don't feel appreciated, but you are. Dan appreciates you. I have only seen you just under 3 times and I appreciate you. Stop fighting his battles, and do you."

Eve looked up and smiled, "thank you."

Dolph took a step back, "I really wanted to kiss you right then, but I don't want to create anymore problems then I already have."

Dolph took a step back and looked at his email. He finished, "I'll look to see why Dan wasn't approved."

Eve smiled and walked over to. She gently kissed him on his cheek, "thank you for your kind words."

He watched her walk away. She popped her head out of the doorway and caught Denise taking selfies of herself.

"Denise, here, take my keys and come pick me up in like a half and hour."

"Girl, what are you up too?"

"You know exactly!"

The End

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