Terminal FocusMature

Denise tried to calm down Eve as she parked her car by the Reading Terminal   Marketplace in Center City Philadelphia.  Focus by Ariana Grande played throughout her car.

"I really need you to breathe."

Eve adjusted her hair as she changed her sweaty headband into a fashionable one. She got out of the car and opened her trunk.

Denise sat in the car as Eve grabbed her emergency outfit. 

Denise looked around,  "why are we at the Reading Terminal?  Dan will get his shit together."

Eve slammed her trunk of her black Chevrolet Cobalt climbed in the back seat.

"Denise, be the watch out while I change."

Denise continue to speak positive,  "didn't  you say Dan's going to ask his parents for the money?"

Eve slid her jeans on,  and she discomfortly groaned,  "we are a grand behind in our bills.  I doubt they give us a minimum of a grand."

Denise reapplied her cerulean blue lipstick against her lips. Eve grabbed a baby wipe and wiped herself down. 

Eve mentioned,  "does he think it's my job to care for him?? I'm only his girlfriend,  this is still a very new relationship.  He is draining me. He is stressing me out. He always put blame on everyone else. Now I'm about to march my ass in there, and get him this job."

Denise asked as Eve snapped her sports bra into place, "do you love him?"

Eve groaned, "I did, until this financial struggle took a hold on our relationship."

Denise said, "relationships are work."

Eve moaned as she slid on her five inch rose petal pumps, "Dan stopped contributing to me and focusing on you and John. I think Dan was more concerned than you were."

She put on her matching pink floral print blouse. She buttoned her jeans and climbed out of her car. Eve grabbed Denise's hand and stormed down the street.

Denise quickly followed with her blue pumps, "don't regret this decision."

Eve pressed her car lock as they approached the marble building. 

They opened the door to Delgado & Miles practice. 

Eve politely asked for Dolph's attention as he walked out of the elevator.

"Hey Eve and Denise!" Dolph said with a puzzled expression.

Eve bluntly said, "drop the charade, you know why I am here. We need to talk, so get back in the elevator,  we are going back to your office!"

The End

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