Hit The TrackMature

The next day:

Eve finished her run around the track. She checked her Samsung Gear S Smartwatch as Trina's Long Heels Red Bottoms blasted through her headphones. T

he thoughts of Dolph's lips caressed her thoughts and became an escape for her problems.

She jogged in place as she whispered, "I gotta keep my heart rate up. Stage 4!"

She hit the track again for her fourth mile. She tried to ignore the frustrations of Dan, bills and work. But all she could focus on was Dolph. She looked up and saw John in his office with his lawyers. She could see the stress bead off his forehead. She looked down at the track.

"The water bill is a month over due, how can I come up with money for the electricity. I can't get my nails done for the charity event." Eve whispered to herself. She looked down to the lower level to see Drexel and Krescent working out on the machines. Her phone rang as Kirko Bangs, Drank in my cup played next on her phone.

Eve wiped her forehead as she hit the half mile mark. She looked at her S watch and read the text from Dan.

Dan (4:14pm) "Baby, I didn't get the position. Don't worry, I'll ask my parents for the money for our bills."

She felt the stresses of that situation hit her like a brick. She slowed down as she realized her heart rate was too high and her emotions were elevated.

She felt herself crumbling and breaking at the seams. She wiped her forehead and quickly left the gym.

John opened the door to his office to see Eve rushing out.

"Eve, are you okay" John said with concern.

Eve held back her tears, "I'm not okay."

John stepped away from his lawyers, "Eve, calm down."

"I gotta go, your brother is draining me to my core, I can't handle this."

Denise opened the door to the gym and saw Eve obviously upset.


Eve looked at Denise and started to shake, "I can't deal with this anymore."

Denise and John quickly took her into new member waiting room.

John hugged her as she yelled with exhaustion and anxiety. Denise hugged both them as Eve collapsed with pain and fear in their arms.

The End

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