22 minutes later:

Dolph stood up and walked into the kitchen. Eve politely grabbed the dishes from him.  You Like It by Omarion played low as Eve tried to control her nervousness. 

Dolph smiled, "so you're a baker too? I really enjoyed the cheesecake. "

Eve smiled as she scrapped his plate. 

Dolph finished, "the meal was perfect and you look absolutely stunning. "

Eve washed her hands,  "thanks Dolph. You clean up very well."

She turned her back to him as he tried to figure out a way to break the ice with a conversation. 

Dolph looked at Dan, "he is a good guy, yes?"

Eve stood next to Dolph, "he will be a great addition to your team."

Dolph smirked,  "like I'll be a great addition to your life?"

Eve coughed. Dolph whispered underneath his breath, "your lips look so juicy."

Eve adjusted the maxi dress and said, "well, you remember what they feel like, don't you?"

"Yes, everytime I shut my eyes."

Eve caught herself falling into a flirting tactic. She grabbed a red mug from the cabinet, and slammed it down. She proclaimed, 

"Well, I have a boyfriend, whom needs a supportive girlfriend right now. So if you may excuse me..."

He side stepped in her path. Dolph apologized,  "I am sorry."

Eve nervously looked up, "he needs his girlfriend. He is very stressed and needs this opportunity.  Your team needs an associate like him!"

Dolph finished,  "well don't worry. He has the account with us. And if you need me to step away from you, I will. I just enjoy you. Your aura is so sexy and juicy."

Eve adjusted her attitude, "thank you. He will be a great member of this team."

Dolph stepped out of her way, "I'll let you be."

Eve walked by him and whispered, "you don't have to let me be. But I do enjoy you too." Dolph chuckled as he watched her walk away.

Eve walked into the living room and walked up to Denise. 

Eve whispered, "I hate this,  but I want him."

Denise laughed out loud. Dan walked over to them, "what's so funny?"

Denise reverted the conversation,  "oh it was an insider? How is this going?"

Dan smiled, "I won't know for another few days, but as they pack up, I think we made a great impression.  I am feeling real good about this!"

He pointed at John, and continued,  "John did great with Xavier,  while Eve really had Dolph's attention.  And Denise you stole the show. What would I do without you guys, my family?!?"

The End

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