Golden Girls StyleMature

Denise walked out of John's bedroom and entered the dinning room. Adore by Ariana Grande played as she made her 2nd entrance of the night.

Dan looked at Denise, "where is Eve?" He finished a small presentation. 

"She is in the bathroom freshening up." She grabbed his arm as she walked by him.

Denise excused herself into the kitchen while John followed.

"Baby, I talked to Xavier about Nikki and he agreed to represent me on this case." He happily proclaimed.

She grabbed a knife and started to cut slices of cheesecake. She smiled as John kept rambling on, about winning his gyms back. His mood sprouted happiness all over his face. Eve came in the kitchen and grabbed the strawberries, caramel and black berries. 

John changed the subject as he felt Eve's emotions, 

"hey Eve, are you okay?"

Eve smiled, "yeah, I'm fine. I poked my eye with my mascara pen when I was in the bathroom."

John looked at Denise and then looked back at Eve, "don't lie to me."

Denise shunned her face as John demanded an answer. Eve grabbed the caramel and poured it into a small glass pitcher.

Eve subtly replied, "this is Dan's moment, my problems can wait."

John chuckled,  "you just told me, if you ever need anything,  I can call you my friend, well I hope you think of me the same." He looked at Denise. "If you won't tell me, I'll get it out of Denise."

Denise smiled and headed towards the front door when Dan walked in. Eve shudded her face as she put the slice strawberries into a small glass.

Dan smiled, "We are leaving a phenomenal impression of this bunch. Thank you friends and my beautiful girlfriend.  I think I'll might get the position! But let's seal the deal with cheesecake.  Golden Girls style!"

Eve grabbed the cake plates and giggled, "Denise is definitely the Blanche of the group!"

They all laughed while Denise's mouth dropped. Denise replied, "hey hey hey! John was the promiscuous one! I am more... of the educated and smart ass Dorothy!"

Dan laughed harder, "I think we can all agree that Drexel is Rose! The shit she says out of her mouth is outlandish somedays."

They all laughed and went into the dinning room. 

The End

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