Another KissMature

Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran played as the guest finished their dinner. John walked over and spoke to Xavier about the current situation of his gyms and Nikki. Eve and Denise removed the plates and brought them back into the kitchen. Dan stood  around the guest and continued to enterain.

"That stew was amazing." Denise mentioned as she scrapped the plate into the trash.

Eve smiled, "thank you."

Denise put some of the dishes into the dish washer. Denise grabbed her hand, "are you okay?"

Eve nervously whispered, "I want another kiss."

Denise smiled,  "I knew it!"

Eve smirked, "I rushed with Dan. Our relationship is moving to fast. I just want to slow down. I have only been dating him for about six or seven months, and we moved from Boston to Philly and then moved in with each other."

Denise led Eve to John's bedroom and locked the door. They walked into the bathroom, where they excluded from the guest.

Denise asked, "Eve, how long have you felt like this?"

Eve nervously chuckled,  "it started two months ago when he lost his job. I've carried all the responsibility for two months and all he can do is complain and bitch. He has no right to treat John, the way he is treating him. Even guilting him to use his apartment, so he can get approval from his new job. Our electric is turned off, I can't handle this anymore. I can't keep holding this together, especially because he think this is a requirement from me."

She started to cry and Denise hugged her. 

Eve mumbled,  "I didn't sign up for this. I'm starting to regret this."

Denise wiped her tears from her face, "I didn't know. I am so sorry,  Eve."

Eve mumbled,  "I tell you everything.  Dan wanted me to keep quiet."

John jingled his bedroom door and Eve sharply stood up. Denise whispered to stay there and she walked into the bedroom.

Denise opened the bedroom door, "hey babe."

John smiled, "hey babe, is everything okay?"

Denise smiled, "yeah, Eve and I are reapplying makeup."

John kissed her and told her their presence is needed. He went back to the gathering while Denise went into the bathroom.

"Dan wants us, but you take as much time as you need, Eve. I got you."

The End

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