Shared MomentMature

Denise repeated, "you did what?!?"

Eve whispered again, "keep your voice down!"

Denise squinted her eyes as she continued,  "is that all you did?"

Eve punched Denise, "yes! Now help me plate the food."

Denise grabbed a set of red and white Royal Doulton china plates as Eve continued to stir the pot. Jon B's They Don't Know switched into play. Eve scoop the stew into the white and red bowls. Denise scooped the pasta and salad into a separate plate.

Eve grabbed the triple distilled water from the refrigerator and placed on the dinner table. Dan grabbed her hand as she smiled. She walked back into the kitchen, and got close to Denise.

She whispered, "Dan was being so annoying that night. He hasn't been listening to me and been so concentrated on his work. Things are just not the same with us anymore. He only seems to see me when another man pays attention. So yes,  Dolph and I shared a moment. And I enjoyed it. I really did. It was the first time, I enjoyed myself again and not have to worry about Dan and his problems."

Denise hugged Eve, "it's okay. I understand!"

Eve exhaled as she wiped her forehead, "what? Really?!"

Denise patted her on her back, "yes Eve, I understand."

Denise grabbed a few plates and walked out of the kitchen. Eve watched Dan talk with his guest as Denise plated the table.  Eve looked at Dolph and he looked up at her. He smiled and turned back to the conversation. 

She rubbed her arm as Denise walked back into the kitchen.

Denise whispered, "do you like him?"

Eve nervously chuckled,  "I don't know. It happened so quickly but felt amazing."

Denise grabbed another set of plates, "let's talk about this after dinner, but stop thinking about it, its starting to show on your facial expression. Dan will picked that up."

Denise set the final plates in front of the selected guest and sat down next to John. Eve took a deep breath and slapped a smile on her face.

She walked over and announced, "It came out perfectly,  please enjoy!"

The End

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