Executive DinnerMature

Denise smiled as John said, "don't tell me that!? I don't want to know what you did with him."

Denise continued to joke around, "I did like when he used to toss me in the air, and bang me from the ceiling.  Hahaha!"

John groaned, "stop! I don't wanna know." He jumped up and ran into the bathroom. While Denise yelled, "can you get dressed! You have twenty minutes until Dan's bosses arrive."

20 minutes later:

Eve tied Dan's black tie as Denise continued to cut the green peppers for the greek salad. John walked out of his bedroom with a black dress shirt with a red tie and answered the door. Tiffany Evans' Red Wine played gently in the background. 

Dan's guests came in and greeted everyone. Eve asked everyone to sit down at the table while Dan laughed with his guest. 

Dan introduced everyone as he pointed around the table: " this is my beautiful girlfriend, Eve, her sorority sister and best friend Denise. Who is also my brother John's fiancee."

His guest greeted them as Dan continued,  "this is the Delgado & Miles practice executive members: Xavier, Bree, Orlando, Christoph and where is Mr. Z?"

Bree smiled, "he just parked the car, he should be here soon."

Eve stood up and walked over to the door. She opened it, and startled him.


Eve jumped as she responded,  "Dolph?"

Eve turned sharply and looked at Denise. Denise's mouth dropped.

Dan stood up, "babe, are you going to let him in?"

Eve nervously pushed the door opened as Dolph smiled.  Dolph walked over to everyone and greeted them. Eve nervously closed the door behind her and took a seat.

A bell rang in the kitchen, and Eve smiled, "looks like dinner is ready. I prepared Cioppino with orzo pasta and fresh greek salad." She turned to Orlando,  "Dan told me you guys love seafood with a kick to it. I hope you love it." She turned to Denise, "can you please help me in the kitchen?!"

Eve and Denise walked into the kitchen as Eve whispered, "I kissed Dolph after the charity event!"

Denise's eyes got big, "you did what? And you are just now telling me?"

The End

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