That evening:

John opened his front door and dropped his keys on the front table. He inhaled the surrounding spices and flavor notes stewing in the kitchen as Dream maker by Janet played against the hollow ceilings. 

He looked around to see his house put together and Eve mincing garlic. 

"Oh hello!" 

Eve smiled and greeted John. She hugged him as she replied, "I'm glad to see you in control.  Are you okay? I know I am Denise's bestfriend, but I care about you too! If you need me, like ever, please don't hesitate."

John thanked her, "you've been talking to Denise?"

Eve slid the garlic into the pot and continued to stir,  "I've been taking to your brother,  who is still upset at all of us.  He thinks I'm cheating on him while that isn't the case. And he thinks his brother is an alcoholic."

John sighed, "I know, he left that night so upset. He wouldn't even let me talk. But I'll sit down with him after dinner, so we can squash the issues."

Denise waddled in from John's bedroom with a vintage red and white polka dot sweetheart dress on. She lit a few candles and turn down the lights in the living room. 

John smiled, "you look beautiful.  You both do!" He walked into the kitchen and looked into the pot.  "Oh man, I love Cioppino."

Eve adjusted her grey long sleeve backless maxi dress, "John, thank you for hosting this very important meeting for Dan. We both appreciate it so much."

John chuckled,  "no problemo. I have enough on my plate already, this is nice,  just to take a break. Dan was pratically having an anxiety attack when he stopped by last."

Denise pushed John into his bedroom and kissed him. 

"What is that for?"

"I had a deep conversation with Nikki, today!"


"Nikki is so bitter against you because..." Denise said as her toes were standing on his sneakers. She looked up and raised her hands underneath his shirt. 

John kissed her on her forehead, "what did I do to hurt poor old Nikki?"

He unbuttoned his shirt, "you were having sex with her, and before she came,  you said my name." Denise pushed him down onto his bed. 

John's mouth dropped, "I remember that! That happened within a month of our relationship! I imagined you everytime I needed to ejaculate."

Denise slapped him on his butt as she laughed out loud, "you are the worst! Atleast, I enjoyed sex with Roman."

The End

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