Comfy Little CoffinMature

Stacy Barthe's Comfy Little Coffin played as Denise and Nikki remained in a sultry compacted conversation. Stacy's intimate vocals kept them close for the few strong moments. The balmy and robustness of her tone helped the duo fall deeper in a trance.

Naomi watched from the outside as Denise kept a concentration onto Nikki's dark words. Roman walked up to them. Naomi said, "this is kinda weird. It's like they are not aware that they are in this busy cafe."

Roman watched them, "they are completely focused on each other. Atleast they are breathing and blinking." He laughed.

Naomi led Roman to another table, "let's give them some space."

Denise mumbled, "finish."

Nikki whispered as her grabbed Denise's shoulder, "John and I were picture perfect of passion. There were to many holes in your relationship. He was everything I needed,(she sharply exhaled). Then that night happened, and I realized I took him before he matured."

Denise shook her head and Nikki finished,  "after months, he wasn't anything I wanted. He hurt me when he said your name. So after that, I had to take what he loves, since you were out of the picture."

Denise dropped the charade and proclaimed,  "fuck you."

Nikki smiled, "excuse me?"

Denise finished, "you broke up a relationship for your own selfishness and greed. YOU expected to work off of broken promises and a weak foundation. John doesn't need saving. He can save himself. Take his gyms, you still won't be happy. You need to do self searching before aligning yourself with a partner."

Nikki's eye got wide as Denise hurt her feelings with forceful words. Nikkk tried to speak but Denise continued: "Also I am not with Roman. John cheated on you with me. I am engaged to John, and will continue plugging up the holes in our relationship that you crept through."

Nikki snapped out of her trance as life continue to move around them. Nikki slapped Denise in her face. Denise's face became red as Nikki's ring left a mark on her cheek.

Denise smiled, "that's all you got? I have always been a stronger person than you, Nikki. I will continue to exemplify why I have his heart and why we grow as a union. I hope in the end of your battles, you got what you deserve.  NOW,  leave before I beat your ass and call the police."

Nikki looked at Denise with hurt and anger, "you deserve John! I hope he drains the life out of you!" She grabbed her belongings and walked towards the front door.

The End

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