Picture Perfect PassionMature

Beth gave Nikki a new drink and excused herself back to the office. Denise introduced herself to Naomi as if they weren't cousins. Stacy Barthe's Without You continued.

"Hello, I am Denise, the General Regional Manager. " Denise lied.

Nikki took a sip of her coffee, "yum, just perfect."

Denise shook hands with Naomi and turned to Nikki, "what do you want?"

Nikki sucked her teeth, "I want you to save John."

"Save John?" 

Everything seemed to stop around Denise and Nikki. The room silenced and all they could hear were the whispers. The faint smell of nutmeg, spices and coffee beans set the scene as the two powerful woman began to connect.

Nikki proclaimed:

I took all his gyms. He gave me primarily ownership and he is starting to feel bad about his decisions. You saved him before, you gotta save him now."

Denise tried to hide her true emotions and continue to lie, "why should I care about him? After you used him, and got what you want. You see that I have moved on. Why now?"

A devilish grin took over Nikki's smile, "Do you think John wanted to cheat on you with me? I have been his best friend for decades now, but he couldn't resist my  tongue. But at the end of that, he still wanted you."

Denise's anxiety climbed as she zeroed in on the airless and oppressive feeling, she began to encounter.

Denise got close to her, "why did you take his gyms? I thought you loved him. Why me?"

Nikki caressed Denise's hair and moved it behind her ear. She whispered, "John is intelligent and sexy. He was everything I needed to complete myself until one day he was deep in me, and I heard you."

Denise muttered, "what?!

Nikki ran her fingertips through Denise's hair, "I had him first. In the middle of a passionate breath, he had a chance to take my heart and he whispered your name instead. I can seduce him all I wanted to, but his soul always will belong to you. So go save him."

Denise looked down, "I don't understand."

Nikki leaned her lips against Denise and breathed.  Denise looked up.

Nikki continued,  "John and I were perfect."

The End

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