Trouble TrailMature

Beth instructed Starie to remake Nikki's drink as Nikki continued the charade. Nikki wiped her skirt as she took strides to the ladies restroom.

Roman chuckled to himself as he realized what happened to Nikki. She walked up to him, "Roman, is that you?"

Roman smiled, "hello again, Nikki."

"That stupid bitch spilled coffee on me. I gotta clean myself up, but we should have a discussion."

"No, need for name calling. It was most likely an accident."

"No, that stupid blonde bitch did it on purpose.  I'm going to get her fired!"

Starie leaned over and remorsed covered her face. She whispered to the other baristas, "I didn't even touch the cup."

Nikki continued to caress Roman's arm as she was waiting for Denise to come out. 

"Ugh, I betta be able to get this coffee stain out!" Nikki smirked as she let go of his arm and went into the bathroom. 

Denise snucked out of the backroom and grabbed Starie, "listen, you don't worry about Nikki. But I need you to stay back here. Don't come out until she leaves this store."

Starie agreed as Here I Am by Stacy Breathe played throughout the cafe.

Denise snucked back into the café.  She walked up to Roman.

Roman chuckled,  "Nikki is a joke."

Denise smiled, "I wish she would just leave. Trouble follows her everywhere she goes."

"Denise! Is that you?" Nikki smirked as she wiped her fingertips.

Denise groaned as she turned to Nikki, "hello Nikhole."

Nikki grabbed Roman's arm again as Denise squinted. 

Nikki smirked again, "before Roman gets married to you, you gotta let the single girl touch his mighty triceps."

Denise keeping her composure and her secret of being engaged to John not Roman. Denise ran her hand through her hair, "yes, his muscles are mighty, and made for a body like mine.  We are a perfect match, right Roman."

Roman chuckled as he felt the tension tightening, "I love you too, Denise. I'm going to order my drink."

Denise walked alongside Nikki back to her seat, "Did you need to talk to me?"

The End

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