Locked EyesMature


Nikki slammed down her papers as she got off the phone with her lawyers.

"I want all three gyms, not just two."

Naomi placed down her tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte down on the table.

Nikki turned to Naomi, "thank you. The lawyers aren't moving fast enough for my liking."

Naomi bopped her head to Tisha Campbell-Martin's Steel Here playing through Starbucks. 

Nikki sharply turned, "are you listening?  Naomi?!"

Naomi snapped out of her trance, "yes! I will do a follow up with the legal team."

Nikki bit into the rice crispy treat as she continued her conversation. Denise opened the door with her office bag and the Starbucks staff shot up with fear. Denise held the door for the other district manager, Beth.

Nikki jumped up when she realized Denise walked in.

"Naomi, quick... Denise just walked in. How can I manipulate this situation for my advantage?"

Naomi looked at Denise with remorse and uttered, "she is a district manager isn't she? You can test her."

Naomi pinched herself as Nikki smirked, "oh I like it."

Denise enter the backroom as Beth reached for the store manager. Jahkoy's Closer played throughout the cafe as Nikki divided a plan to grab Denise's attention. 

Nikki pushed her drink over and it spilled onto the floor. A barista named Starie ran over, "let me get that all cleared up?"

Nikki yelled, "I specifically asked for kids temperature and that was made extra hot. Was that a joke?! How could you?!"

Annie, a shift supervisor scurried over, "oh I am so sorry. We will definitely remake that for you."

"I want the manager! This is ridiculous,  and now I am so embarrassed!"

Naomi put her head down as Nikki created a bigger fuss. Beth walked up to her as Nikki began to get upset.

Beth said, "I am so sorry. I am the district manager, are you hurt?"

Denise popped her head out of the back to see Nikki. She shoved her head back into the backroom. 

"What is she doing?"  Denise whispered to herself.

Nikki wiped her fake tears, "I just wanted my drink."

Roman, Denise's ex walked in and got into the line. Nikki looked for Denise but didn't see her. She finished wiping up her table as she locked eyes on Roman. 

Nikki whispered to herself,  "this may be better, messing with Roman."

The End

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