Unbreakable BacksiesMature

John grabbed her hand, "but I have always been in love with you. It was nice to have a partner in crime, and do everything with my girlfriend,  but nothing was better than being with you. I dreamed and fantasize about you all during my relationship with Nikki."

He lifted her head up, "do you hear me? You have always been my first choice."

Denise caressed his chin, "I really do love you. I want to be your partner in crime. Your Zoe to your Elmo. Ha! Or your peanut butter to your grape jelly."

John smiled, "and I really do love you more. You are stuck with me. I'll be honored to be your smooth and nutty peanut butter to your oh so sweet and delicious grape jelly."

Denise released a tear, "my heart is on the line. No more backsies."

They laughed as John questioned, "did you just say, no backsies."

Denise chuckled, "yes. No more changes. I don't want to go back and forth with us."

John hugged her, and Denise blocked his kiss.

"No kisses?"

"Um, you have been throwing up your life for the past four hours.  No thank you. Ha! I don't love you that much."

They both laughed. John stood up and turned up his stereo.

Denise jumped up, "they are playing Janet's new song, Unbreakable!"

John went into his bathroom and took a shower as she sung out loud the lyrics. Denise text Eve and Drexel. Ten minutes later, she heard a knock at the door.

She looked through the peephole and saw Dan patiencely waiting. She opened it. Dan charged in.

"Are you okay? What the hell happened here? Did he hurt you?"

"Dan, calm down.  Did you hear what happened to John?"

"Yes, Eve told me? Is Eve cheating on me? Is she leaving me?"

Dan's energy level shot up as Denise tried to calm him down.

Denise's eyes followed Dan as he paced the room, maneuvering around the flipped over furniture and broken glass piles.

Denise followed up by saying, "you're speaking really fast, and I need to you to calm down."

A soaking wet John stepped out of his bedroom. He wiped the water from his upper body. He noticed Dan very upset.

John mentioned, "yo Dan."

Dan replied, "good, I'm glad you are okay." He walked up to John and punched him as hard as he could in his right pec. John stumbled back.

Dan said, "stop drinking! You could have ended yourself."

The End

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