Seeing TripleMature

9:18 am 

Denise paced John's apartment as she lead her conference call. She picked up items as she read notes from her logs.

"Okay, store 0798, why are we decreasing in our at home coffee (AHC) sales? What can we do to improve our numbers?"

Denise continued to multi task as she listened in and swept the broken glass. She poured the broken glass into an empty trash can. She walked over and took notes from the conference call.

"Agreed, I really like that idea. I will see if I can get authorization from Beth, atleast until I can take full control of the district.  But I think having a Coffee Masters exclusive event every week next month will be phenomenal. I'll see if I can get some extra hours thrown your way, but if this works, let's take it district wide. And yes Montgomeryville will always be the originators!!!"

John stumbled out of his bedroom as Denise finished up her conference call. Jamie Foxx's Fall for your type played from his bedroom.

"Baby..." His voice cracked.

Denise turned and finished, "I am definitely in the area, I will be popping in two stores today, to make sure everything is running oh so smoothly.  Have fun partners!"

She ended her call and sat him down. 

"How are you feeling?" Denise uttered as she gave him another glass of water.

"Like an idiot."

She wiped his forehead and pressed a towel underneath the faucet.

"I destroyed my apartment." They both looked around to see several piles of glass swept up.

Denise smirked,  "yes you did."

John chuckled, "I was so sick this morning."

John rubbed his hand against her thigh, "Question? How did you know that I wasn't going to hurt you last night? I was hallucinating."

"Because you love me."

"Yes, I love you,  but I could still have hurt you."

"You were so drunk last night that I think you were seeing triple. If you would have attempted,  I would just had to beat yo ass." She chuckled. 

He laughed and she finished, " you argued with me as if I was Nikki last night. You really wanted your relationship with Nikki to work."

John tried to remember but it was still a black blur. He felt remorse as her feelings looked hurt.

Denise looked at him, "you love her, don't you."

John mumbled,  "yes."

The End

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