Krescent finished, "this is so crazy. She is so manipulative."  I'm Yours by Alessia Cara played throughout the patio full of guest.

Denise agreed, " yes, she is. She has been changing his status over for months, now. He hasn't be paying attention."

Eve chuckled in amazement, " this is unreal."

The gentleman with a takeout bag walked by them again. He interrupted the foursome.

"Excuse me, beautiful people?"

Drexel laughed out loud, " yessssss, flattery will get you every where!"

Eve kicked Drexel underneath the table. His smile was perfect and his brown eyes glistened off the sunlight.

"Will it?" He lightly chuckled.

Eve subtly replied, "depends where you are going? Where are you going, sir?"

He smiled, "well then I agree.  I believe I'll be seeing you all tonight. You are coming, correct?"

Krescent chuckled, "ha! You have some confidence don't you. We don't even know you."

He smiled, "Eve knows me."

Eve started to cough, "I do? I'm sorry, I don't recall."

He smiled again as he passed her his business card, "Dolph, District Attorney."

Denise put her head down and he looked back at her.

Dolph finished, "I represent your husband, a few years back, Alberto."

Krescent intrigued,  "you're named after a dolphin?"

Dolph smiled, "yes, its a compliment actually." He turned to Eve, "do you remember me?

Eve thought long and hard as he passed Denise his business card. 

"A close friends of mine is throwing a charity event tonight. I would love for you to be my date, or bring your friends and come."

Drexel smiled, "can we bring our boyfriends?"

Dolph chuckled, "of course you can. I'm sorry if I offended you."

Eve continued to ponder about Alberto  as he waved goodbye.

Denise turned to Eve, "are you okay?"

The End

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