A Hot MessMature

Denise inhaled sharply as she swallowed a gulp of iced cold water. She slid her folk into her bowl of vegetables.  Eve swiped the hair from in her front of her face. The foursome enjoyed lunch on the corner of a Center City restaurant. Kid Ink's Imagine played on the outside patio.

An attractive man dressed in a three piece suit walked by and caught eyes with Denise.  He smiled and she smiled back. He walked by.

Krescent with his dark denim and white shirt replied, "I think you should look at him. He is gorgeous."

Denise smiled, "He smiled, so I did."

Eve interrupted,  "we have bigger matters to discuss. Like Nikki taking John's companies."

Drexel cringed, "I can't believe you didn't give him a heads up."

Denise cringed,  "I didn't really have the opportunity to tell him."

Krescent intrigued,  "I can't believe you.  I told you all of this today, and Naomi told you last night, but you still didn't warn John."

Eve with a black slim style jumpsuit with royal purple stilettos stood up and hugged Denise. Eve said, "I totally understand why you didn't tell him. It's too messy."

Denise agreed, "I hate to say it, but Eve gets me. It was too messy. This is John's problem, and I have nothing to do with it."

Drexel interjected, "so if you were given more time, you STILL wouldn't tell him?"

Krescent finished his sandwich, "this is a hot ass mess. How dumb can he be?"

Denise stumbled, "no, that would change things. I found out last night, and I wasn't with him last night. But he is going through in it now. I can be there for him, but this is too messy for me to step in. This is solely John's problem."

Krescent and the girls agreed and took a sip of their tea.

The End

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