Sore LoserMature

The next morning:

John slammed down the papers his investigator passed him.

"I don't fucking believe this?!"

Tammy put her hand on her head. She dropped her head in dispair. Drake and Jojo's Marvin Room played through the center city gym's conference room.

John yelled, "fuck! How can I be so fucking stupid? This shit was right in front of me?"

The private investigator named Vince continued, "you signed these papers? You didn't read this?"

John yelled in pure anger, "FUCK!!! She was my girl. She was my new start! She was what my parents wanted for me. I thought I could trust her."

He started to punch his wall. His breaths became sharp and quick. Sweat cover his face as he couldn't connect his emotions.

Tammy remorsely said, "you need to calm down before you knock that wall down."

Vince gave him more evidence,  "this is when you signed it. This is what you're losing."

Tammy wiped her eyes and whispered underneath her breath, "this is karma. You are paying for your actions for cheating on Denise with Nikki. You are paying for actions of not being true to yourself. Allowing yourself to full fledged deep."

"Did you really just say that? Are you kidding me, right now!"

Tammy slammed her hand down, "I told you that Nikki wasn't for you in the beginning."

John snapped towards her, "it was my decision! Now..."

Tammy interjected, "this was yours!!! Now you must lay in the shit that you ALLOWED. Don't be mad that I pointed out the obvious!"

Tammy stood up and slammed the door behind her. Nikki opened the door.

She asked, "why is she here? I fired that bitch last week."

John's skin was pulsating a bright red. Papers, contracts and pictures of Nikki were scattered all over the the table. Naomi followed Nikki into the room. They were in shock as they realized what they walked into.

Nikki smirked, "you hired a private investigator? Ha! You were smarter than you look."

John wiped the sweat from his face, "you took my gyms! You took my pride and joy from me."

Nikki smiled, "yes, you signed over both of your new locations to me. Thank you."

John aggressively pointed, "FUCK you."

Nikki chuckled, "are you mad John? That you gave me an investment to open two new gyms in the honor of you! I am taking the center city location as well; leaving you with no money and nothing. That is what you fucking deserve. You don't deserve happiness! You deserve my ass to kiss!"

John sharply inhaled, "you're not taking my main location."

Nikki chuckled, "it's too late."

Vince interjected, "it's not too late. You can fight the takeover. But she has custody of the two newest locations."

John wiped his head as he started to pace the side of the room. His frustration took over the room.

Naomi felt remorse as she text Denise: (09:14 am) the news just broke. John will need you soon.

Nikki smiled, "ha! It is over. You lost. Don't be a sore loser! Up your standards. Naomi, call the police, because they are trespassing! "

The End

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