Return The FavorMature

Roman dressed in a black suit with one hand around Denise's waist, lead her to the dinning table. Denise politely sat down as her lavender ruffled skirt laid perfectly against the olive vintage chair. 

"You look beautiful as usual." Roman said.

Denise replied, "thank you. You are just as beautiful."

The waitress brought them too glasses of white wine. Roman took a sip of wine as he glanced behind her. His eyes got wide.

"This is why you selected this restaurant,  because John and Nikki are here?" He calmly said.

"So? Is that a problem? This isn't a date."

"I understand. I am here to be a friend to you, just like I hope you would be to me."

"Always, Roman."

They both took a sip and finished their meal. They continue have a conversation about their lives. Maor Mo sung House on the microphone in the background. Roman abruptly had to leave, leaving Denise alone to enjoy the live performance. She didn't look John's direction, but she could feel his frustration.  

John sent her a text: (9:12pm) I see you over in the corner.

Denise smiled and replied,: (9:15pm) I am about to leave, have fun with your girlfriend. 

John (9:17pm): your smile is so bright. I can see it from across the room.

Denise stood up and glanced over to Nikki and John holding hands. She dropped the tip and walked towards the exit. 

She drove her honda civic to John's Jym. She needed to run off the meal. She grabbed her gym bag and changed in her car. She switched into her neon tank top and black yoga pants. Since John and Nikki were on a date,  she figured she wouldn't see anyone that she knew.

She walked into the gym while Return the Favor by Keri Hilson played.

Naomi smiled, "Denise!"

Denise ran up to her and hugged her, "Krescent was right. Hey little cousin!"

Naomi released from the hug, "this is your gym?"

"Well kinda. I used to date the owner. You know John. My mommy loves him."

"Yes, Auntie Bernadette loves her a Beamer.  Did Krescent tell you everything I learned  from Nikki."

"No, not yet!"

"Well go take a run around the track and when I'm done work, I'll catch you up."

The End

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