Boss Man ReturnsMature

Later on that day: 2:30pm

Janet Jackson's If played throughout the gym. The brightly painted  rustic red and guilded gold gym was almost at maximum capacity with a person attached to each machine. Sweat and heat mashed against the warm circulated air. 

John dressed in ball shorts and a tank top walked in with Tammy. She was dressed in yoga pants with cropped tank top and hair pulled into a ponytail.

"Thanks Tammy for meeting me."

John looked down and text Nikki as Tammy complained about Nikki.

John looked up and interrupted her, "I am reinstating your position here. Tomorrow is Tuesday,  pop into the Center City gym and take your place again."

Tammy hugged him, "thank you John!"

John grinned, "I'm sorry that you experience that."

Hunter, John's trainer walked up to him. 

"Hey Tammy and John! Welcome back boss." Hunter smiled as he shook  John's hand.

They exchanged greetings as Nikki responded with a text: welcome baby. Do you want me to come visit you?  I'm at the Montgomeryville location.

John (2:41pm): My phone has been acting up. I haven't been able to dial out but I'm at the South Philly Location. So you can stay there. (John lied.)

Hunter said, "when are you taking over again. We miss your leadership."

John looked confused, "I was only gone for about a week. But I'm back now. Stop worrying."

Hunter chuckled, "you must have not seen the changes.  Are you sure this is still your gym? She has made a lot of changes that I don't think you are aware of."

Tammy agreed as John replied, "My name is still on the lease and on the outside of the building. Its called John's Jym. This is my shit and I'm in control."

Hunter chuckled, "boss man, are you sure?"

John slammed his fist down, "yes Hunter.  I wear the pants with Nikki. She is the co owner. I have the majority of the rights. I give it a week and everything will be back in order."

Hunter chuckled and walked away.

John (2:44pm): Nikki, are you free tonight? I want to see my girl?

Nikki (2:45pm): Yes baby, I can't wait to see you and you to dick me down. I have missed you and your big cock.

John cringed and then replied, (2:47pm): Dinner at 7:30pm. I'll text you the address. See you then. I've missed you. 

John looked at Tammy, "let's take a run around the track."

The End

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