Rinse CycleMature

Gallant's Jupiter Grayscale  blazed around John's place as Nikki closed his front door. 

John took a deep breath as the airy and melodic voices of Gallant played through his place. He noticed the washer machine was in use and his closet door open. He stopped the machine and looked inside. His favorite sheets were covered in soapy water and a mix of musky odors.  He rubbed his stomach as he feared his mother was right. He looked at the timer.

"They were set only four minutes ago." He whispered to himself as he took a second to process everything. He ran over to the window and saw Nikki swiftly walking away from his brownstone.

"Bitch." He whispered to himself.

He started to inspect his apartment. He grabbed all his sheets from his bed with the pillows and threw them in the hallway. He ripped the red vertical blinds out of the window because a red lipstick stain was smashed on them.  He stopped the load of clothes and placed them into a trash bag. He

 took a heavy breath as he tried to remain calm.

"I cannot believe Nikki slept with another dude in my house.  Who does she think she is?!" He yelled.

He walked into his kitchen and threw her favorite mug, "she's a dumb bitch!! Why would she do that?!"

John sharply turned his head as there was a knock at his door. Gallant's Open Up played next. John slammed his door open, "yes?!?"

Abraham said, "yo bro? Its me, Abe! Calm down!"

John smiled, "yo bro. It's been rough."

Abe walked into John's apartment and replied,  "well I'm glad you're okay. I thought you were still up in Boston with your folks, but I heard some stuff in here breaking, so I had to check on your place."

John thanked Abe. Abe went into his fridge, "bruh, you have no food in here."

John chuckled,  "Abe, in the eight years of you being my best friend and two years of you being my neighbors don't you know I always keep my fridge stocked. Stop playing with me."

Abe opened his fridge,  "bruh, again there is no food in this jawn."

John punched the wall, "this bitch cheated on me and she allowed a bum to eat up all my fucking food."

Abe said, "yo Nikki cheated on you? And in your place? And ate up all your food."

John smiled, "well I cheated on her too. I fucked the shit out of Denise this morning."

"Woah! Denise is back in the picture.  That's a badd chick."

The End

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