Diary by Alicia Keys played on surround sound throughout the store as Denise finished her tour with Beth, her district manager. 

"So Denise, how was your 'business trip' in Boston?" Beth implied as they walked away from a store manager. 

Denise smiled, "it was exactly what I needed. Thank you for allowing me to go. But let's get back to training.  Enough of my personal affairs."

Beth chuckled, "I like that. Work focused."

Denise agreed as they walked out of the building.  Beth gave Denise a briefcase of notes and instructions.  Beth smiled, "homework. Call me with appropriate questions!"

Denise waved as Beth jumped in her cherry red Volvo S80. Denise walked back into the store. She walked over to the bar area and tapped her fingers on the espresso machine. 

Seth passed out her drink, "Denise, I have your grande strawberry acai refresher with light water and light apple juice on the espresso bar."

Galena grabbed her drink. Denise politely interjected, "excuse me, that is mine."

Galena looked down at the drink and apologized. 

Denise mentioned,  "excuse me, do I know you?"

Galena coughed, "do you feel like you did me a justice?! I am Galena, Roman's true fiancée. "

Denise took a deep breath, "No. I did Roman a justice. I don't know you."

Galena smirked as she walk away from the bar with Denise. Denise pointed to a seat.

Galena finished, "I am not here to start trouble, and I apologized if I sound pointed, but I don't want you to feel like you did me a justice by letting go of Roman."

Denise with a pointed sarcastic attitude, "again, I don't know you. I know that Roman was once in love with a Galena, but didn't have the maturity that she required. After being with me, he learned how to love you better. I care about Roman, and we decided to split because we wanted a justice with someone else. I am sorry that you wasted your time, but whatever answers you can here for, that is all you are getting out of me. Good day!"

Denise said as she carried her briefcase out of the store.

The End

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