Lavender Fried DonutMature

Eve passed a bag to Drexel. Drexel hummed birthday cake by Rihanna as Dan held the door open.

Dan bit into a fried donut and mumbled, "oh Philadelphia, how much I've missed you."

Drexel chuckled, "what the hell, are you eating?"

Dan smiled as he placed her bags in the living room. Eve wiped the sugar of his face.

Dan finished, "it's a fried donut. Dipped with strawberries and lavender. But its the best damn donut, I have ever had. Honestly."

Eve smiled, "honestly, Drexel it's pretty good. Dan is weird but I love him."

Drexel changed the subject as Eve locked her front door: "Has anyone spoken to Denise? She randomly went away for the weekend and disappeared off the earth. I think she's back in Philly, I might have to POP on in!"

Dan took their bags upstairs as Eve finished, "I know, she is acting strange. I did talk to her a few times over the weekend. But one of those days, she called me from a 617 area code number."

Drexel replied, "she told me she was on a business trip for Starbucks. I think she was supposed to be in Pittsburgh."

Dan overheard them, "617 is my parent's area code."

Eve and Drexel in unison, "in Boston?!"

Drexel jumped up and started dancing, "she HAD to FOLLOW John!!! Whoooo, that girl is going to get her some penis!"

Eve laughed out loud as Drexel pretended to ride a horse. Dan put his hand over his face with embarrassment.

Eve took a sip of her blackberry mojito iced tea, "I wouldn't be surprised if she followed him up there. You know Denise love her some John. Even though..."

They both said in unison, "Roman is sexy as fuck!"

Dan commanded, "babe, really though."

Eve ran and hugged him, "I love your bird man chest and your boney arms. Roman's muscular body isn't as sexy as yours."

They both exploded with laughter.

The End

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