Perfect TimingMature

Here by Alessia Cara played as Nikki ran through John's apartment.  The excitement of John finding out her secret turned Nikki on. She enjoyed the thrill of possibly being caught by John, but she wanted to remove her tracks of her promiscuity. 

Nikki sung the lyrics to herself as the music blared from her phone. She caressed the sheets as she reminisced a man exploring her inner parts. She removed the stained pillow cases with her other man's liquids and threw them into the washer machine.  She giggled to herself as she can feel how she stained the sheets that John lays his head down at.

She took off her pumps and walked towards the window. She slid her fingers in between the blinds, and glanced outside. Her lips glided along the edges and the morning sun light crept in between her fingers.

She slid her panties off the bottom head board and threw them into the laundry room. She picked up the used condoms off the floor and threw them in the trash. She made up the bed and folded it the way John loves it. 

Nikki pressed the wash button and turned off all the lights. She glanced at the clock: 9:15am. 

"Perfect timing."

She slid on her pumps and walked towards the door. She brushed her hair from in front of her face and turned off her music. Her fingers hoved over the call button for the gym. The sound of John's apartment door rocking startled her.

"Fuck!" She whispered. 

She tiptoed back into the bedroom and John opened his front door. 

"Fuck! I'm caught!" She whispered to herself. She watched from the crack of his bedroom door that he instantly walked into his kitchen. 

Her mind was rapidly moving as she was thinking of excuses why she would be at his home, when she should be at the gym or if she should just hide. She became very anxious as she turned her phone off. She carefully put her keys in her pocket and hid in his closet.

John not paying attention dropped his keys on the kitchen table and walked into his bedroom. He opened his bathroom door and started to urinate. She tiptoed out of the closet and towards the front door.

The End

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