Ammo and Mango Tea.Mature

Slow Juking by Young Steff played as he bent her against her dresser. Her chest pressed against her deodorant and jewelry. She kept her body still as his body thrusted into her. She grabbed the edge of the mirror as her breath fogged up a section of the mirror. 

She glanced at the clock, it read 7:32am. 

In between her moans, she said, "this...feels... great! I need to be at Starbucks at 9am... John..."

John smiled, "oh I got you." He wiped the sweat from his forehead as he slapped her tailbone. The vibration of his slap caused her to moan, "fuck me, John."

John balled up his fist and pressed them in the curve of her back. She arched her back, turned and grabbed the bottom of her bed post. He quickly grabbed her shoulders, causing her to lift, and thrusted harder.

He was almost at the end of his climax and he started to yell. She finished her third orgasm as John came. She walked away as he came onto a towel. She grabbed another towel and wiped herself down.

She walked up to him and kissed him, "thank you, John."

John laid on her bed, "no problem. That was exactly what we needed."

Denise tiptoed into the bathroom to take a shower while John laid back in bed. He opened his phone to see missed text messages from Nikki.

Nikki (7:04am): good morning babe!

John became a little annoyed thinking about what he might do when he see Nikki.  Denise's cell phone rang and John looked at it. It was a text from Krescent. 

John smiled, "baby, Krescent just text you. Can I read it?"

Krescent (7:43am): Denise,  I got some tea for you about Nikki! I know you and John are effy, but bitch we got some ammo, if you wanna use it.

Denise walked out of the bathroom wearing all black. She put on black pumps and read the same text.

John smiled, "so you gonna tell me about this?"

Denise coated her lips with light pink lipstick, "I'll think about it. We are still a secret, right?"

John finished, "you can whom ever. Whats is tea?"

Denise smiled as she grabbed her work bag, "Tea in the gay world, is talk. Serving me some tea, meaning he has some gossip for me. So hopefully its sweet like mango tea."

Denise kissed John as he turned on the television and she left. 

The End

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