Serve Me the TeaMature

Monday Morning:

Nikki opened the gym and Naomi quickly followed in. She looked down at her watch and it read: 6:32am. 

She walked up the steps and opened John's office. She was wearing a black dress with red pumps and a small belt. She sat in his chair and opened her laptop and began her morning paperwork. 

Naomi knocked on the door, "Nikki?"

Nikki moved her bangs from infront of her face, "yes Naomi?"

Naomi asked, "when does John return?"

"On Wednesday. Why do you ask?"

Naomi passed her his credit card statement,  "here is the report, you wanted me to pay attention too. It looks like he returned the rental car."

Nikki snatched the paper, "ha! So he's back in Philly?"

Naomi pointed at the date, "yes, he returned last night. At their closing time of 10:00pm."

Nikki chuckled, "I'll call him, let's see if he'll pick up. Because he told me specifically that he'll be back on Wednesday. "

Naomi nodded and closed the door. Nikki paced the room as she realized she hasn't cleaned up his apartment.  She opened the door and quickly walked towards the entrance. 

Krescent,  Denise's bestfriend walked into the gym with his gym bag. He walked up to the counter to check in. Nikki said to Naomi who was sitting at the counter, "I have to run over to John's apartment really quick." She lied,  "I left the safe key there."

Naomi smiled as Nikki ran out of the gym.

Krescent announced,  "I really don't like her."

Naomi turned to Krescent,  "haha! You look so familiar. "

Krescent agreed, "where do I know you from?"

Naomi smiled, "I have no idea. How do you know Nikki?"

Krescent laughed, "long story. Cliff notes: I am John's ex girl's bestfriend. "

"What's her name?"


"Denise DaSilva?"

"Yes! How do you know her?"

"Ha! I am her first cousin, Naomi Atlas!"

Krescent ran around the counter and hugged her, "girl, you're family!"

Naomi hugged him and realized, "wait. John is Denise's ex. I have never met him but I know all about him. Nikki is cheating on him, with like three other men."

Krescent opened his mouth, "are you fucking serious?! Girl, serve me some tea!"

The End

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