A Father's LoveMature

John and Carol allowed Denise to go change. Denise took 20 minutes to refresh her look and entered the lobby sporting a peach maxi dress. John loaded all their bags into the car. Denise cleaned up the hotel room. Trey Songz, I want you played as the breeze blew in their hair.

They all traveled to the hospital sharing experiences and memories. Carol had an open mind as they all laughed. She observed John's happiness and it made her feel good. She felt bad for judging off appearance instead of getting to know who Denise was.

Carol actually liked Denise especially when they went tit for tat with their jokes. They arrived to the hospital when they were greeted by their brothers.

Boug opened the passenger door, and grabbed his mother's hand, "hey mom, how was your breakfast with John."

Carol grabbed her cane, "I honestly had a beautiful time with John and Denise. Why didn't you guys tell me, she was a great choice for John?"

Matt and Steve said in unison, "Denise?"

Denise walked around the car with John. John smiled, "everyone, this is my fiancée,  Denise."

The boys ran over and congratulate them both. John watched Denise get overwhelming responses of love and joy from his family; especially with his mother watching on. His father stepped out of the hospital and tapped his wife on her shoulder. She tightly hugged him as Lisa let go of John Sr., hand. Lisa ran over and hugged both John and Denise. Denise was overwhelmed as she let a tear show.

John Sr., being guided by Boug hugged John and Denise.

"I am so happy to see Carol and you on a good terms. Denise, welcome to the Beamer Family. "

Denise hugged John Sr., "thank you Mr. Beamer."

John Sr., looked around his family, "let's go home family."

Denise stood behind John as he spoke, "thanks dad, I am happy you are standing and released from the hospital. But Denise and I have to get back to Philly."

John tightly hugged his parents. Denise grabbed John cell phone and snapped a picture of all of them. Denise hugged his parents as John his siblings. Denise waved as John got into the car.

John beeped his horn twice and his drove off with Denise in their Mazda 6.

The End

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