Option 3, please.Mature

Denise remain silent as Carol spoke, "do you forgive me, John?"

John finished a bite of his french toast, "mom, without your judgements and ignorance, I would have never sealed the concrete on my love for this woman. I am going to marry her with or without your permission.  But of course I forgive you. You're my mom."

Clean Water by Joss Stone played.

Carol turned to Denise, "do you forgive me?"

Denise smirked, "no."

"I like you because your feisty. You will keep him on his toes and working hard. Do you think I am lying?"

Denise agreed,  "yes. I do."

Carol took another sip of her orange juice, " a few days ago when John Sr., was coming in and out of consciousness, I thought how proud I was with my kids. They are financially stable, have good careers and are educated. They all love me and their dad. They respect my opinion and do good by me. Skewing John away from you only cause your hard headed and your black are not valid reasons. Especially in 2015."

John finished his food as Denise watched intensely. 

Carol continued,  "I knew John was almost on his way here, but I wanted to talk to Nikki. So I called John's place. And she picked up.

John looked confused, "why would she be at my house? Why would she pick up my phone?"

Carol continued,  "I think she accidentally picked up the phone because all I could hear were moans."

John's blue eyes got wide, "moans?"

Carol finished,  "yes baby. She was having sex with another man. I am so sorry. I recorded the conversation, just in case you didn't believe me."

John became very angry as Denise wanted to see his natural emotion.

"I am going to fucking kill her. She was having sex in my house with another dude!" John stood up and look to Denise. So many emotions flooded to his face, that he started to shake. Denise stood up and placed her palms against his face.

She leaned in close and whispered in his ear. Carol watch as Denise calm John down, and she smiled. John took deep breaths and Denise released from the hug.

Carol sympathized,  "this is why I am sorry that I almost ruined your life. I won't intervene with your relationship anymore."

Denise held John's hand, "John, relax, when you get back to Philly, kick her ass out. Dump her. Or I'll beat her ass for you."

John took a deep breath,  "option number 3 please. Beat that bitches ass."

Tension remained still as they sit there in silence. Moments later:

Denise turned to Carol, "I think you are being sincere."

A tear dropped from her eyes, Carol replied, "no lies. If you will have it, I would like to give you my blessing, for your relationship. "

John interjected, "and your blessing for marriage?"

Without hesitation,  she replied, "yes, for marriage too. I will work on repairing our relationship,  if you will, Denise."

Denise smiled, "I believe you now."

They all stood up and hugged. 

The End

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