Asparagus, French Toast & ConfessionsMature

Denise and John finished grinning as Tenisha waited for a response. Denise and John resembled two little kids that just got in trouble with a parent. They were both fulled with anxiety waiting for Carol's response. 

Tenisha smiled, not understanding the situation and continued waiting for a response.

Carol answered, "they are engaged. Aren't they a beautiful couple."

Denise dropped her fork as John started to cough. Tenisha poured him a glass of water. Carol looked at them both strange. Baggage by Mary J Blige lightly echoed in the dinning ballroom.

John took a heavy sip of water, "what did you say, mom?"

Tenisha could sense the anxiety so she politely excused herself.  Denise picked up her fork and sliced her omelet.  She put a big piece in her mouth and started to slowly chew.

Carol took a bite of her oatmeal, "I was wrong."

John repeated, "you were wrong?"

Carol replied,  "Denise, I was wrong.  I am sorry that I didn't think you were good enough for my son. You have proven that you are. This is no game, I am being very sincere.  John Senior's mother was like how I was to you. Not that my behavior was to test you, I am sorry for not seeing the love that you both share."

Denise smiled and put her head down. She didn't know if she was supposed to believe her or not. She remained quiet.

A baffled John replied, "how did you come to this conclusion?"

Carol slightly changed the subject, "how are you and Nikki?"

Denise continued to eat another slice of her omelet as John finished, "Technically Nikki and I are still dating. But I don't want Nikki. I tried the way you wanted me to love and I tried to take your advice, but I can't mom. If that is what you want, because of the color of her skin..."

Carol interrupted,  "that was the most idiotic conversation, I have ever had. It's 2015 and it's too much going in the world to have you not have your woman. I am so sorry I let my insecurities get in your way of love. I had a lot of time to process all of your words of Denise. John Sr., when he was critical wanted you to know he loved you and that he gave you his blessing to marry Denise. Now that he is better, I had to get out of my judgements. Do you forgive me?"

The End

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