Say You WillMature

Denise took a towel and dipped it in hot water. She tried to collect her emotions as He Heals Me by India Arie played. She unwrapped her hair, and put it all in tight high ponytail. Her anxiety grew as she didn't understand why Carol, John's mother was here. She put a light layer of mascara on, and applied a small coating of lipgloss on her lips. 

She cracked the door and politely asked, "the hotel is currently serving breakfast, if you guys would like to go down."

Carol said, "yeah, we can go."

Denise timidly walked out and opened the door.  John and Carol quickly followed. They walked down to the beautiful dinning room where they were greeted and seated. 

Say You Will played in the ballroom.

John commented as the ordered breakfast, "Denise, they are playing Brandy. "

"Yes, I love this album. Are you going to come with me to the Chicago, the broadway show in New York?"

"Of course, I am."

Carol observed as she took a sip of her cranberry orange juice.

John smiled, "well isn't this nice. My mom and Denise sitting at the same table and nothing has been thrown." He nervously chuckled.  Denise continued to play with her napkin while Carol took another sip.

Denise looked up, "how is your dad?"

John smiled, "he is doing much better. Right mom."

Carol nodded in agreement. 

The waitress, Tenisha laid down the food in front of them. 

"Sweety, I have you asparagus, ham and american cheese omelet. I have you mega stack of french toast for the gentleman. And I have the bowl of oatmeal with the side of bacon and scrambled eggs for you."

John and Denise in unison, "thank you Tenisha. Jinxs, you owe me a sprite!"

Tenisha smiled, "aww, you guys are too cute. How long have you been dating? Or are you bestfriends."

Denise and John looked at each other and then looked at Carol.

The End

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