A Persian SundayMature

Sunday Morning: 7:14am.

Denise woke up to India Arie playing her  guitar to a song called, 


She stretched her body and heard slight bones releasing tension. The sun was blazing with bright persian oranges, chrome yellows, and sunrise reds. Her body was pressed deeply into the firm pillows and mattress top. The air looked crisp from the seventh floor, overseeing the city of Boston. She sat up and glanced at her reflection. She wiped her dried tear stains from her face. She rolled over and opened her bible. 

"Lord, I don't understand."

Denise got up and turned on the television, to find out one of her favorite wrestlers, Rowdy Rod Piper passed away. It bothered her. She rewatched classic matches as she put her suitcase back together.

She laid back in bed and began to unwrap her hair. She look down at her text messages from John.

John (6:11am): I've been up thinking about you. I am sorry for everything.  Please believe me that I do love you. This secret will only be a secret for a limited amount of time.

Denise wiped her tears again and went into the bathroom. She began to brush her teeth when there was a knock at the door. She spit the water out of her mouth and wiped her face.

She opened the door, saw John and slammed the door.

"OMG! Was that your mom?! Denise yelled through the door.

John chuckled, "yes babe, now let us in."

Denise ran over to her bed and grabbed her panties that were laying on the floor.  She grabbed her dildo and her clothes and threw them into the suitcase.

Denise yelled, "John, you could have sent me a text."

She grabbed her KY jelly and tossed it in her suitcase. She quickly grabbed her black tight jeans alongside her navy blue sneaker wedges. She fluffed the pillows and zippered her bags. She slid on her navy blue tank top and ran back into the bathroom. 

John yelled, "yeah I know, I didn't think this out, but don't leave us out here."

Denise gently opened the door, "well this was a huge surprise. Hello Mrs. Beamer and John."

Carol slowly walked in with a cane. John helped her in, and she mumbled,  "she was a kept secret,  and I feel like this is going to be interesting."

Denise awkwardly smiled as Carol and John walked by her.

The End

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