Best Kept SecretMature

John text Boug implying he was leaving the club with Denise. He grabbed her hand and started to walk with her down the street. Trey Songz's Mr. Steal Your Girl played from the club as they began to walk in sync.

"I wouldn't let anything happen to you. Especially with Scott."

Denise mumbled,  "I know."

John smirked, "even though I know you can handle yourself."

She mumbled again, "yes, I can."

John lifted up his right hand and kissed her hands. She felt his lips kiss each and every fingertip.  He looked down and his phone was ranging. Denise put her head on his shoulder as he took the call.

John: hey mom. You want me to come back to the hospital. Where am I? I went out with Boug. We'll come back.

John  turned to Denise,  "baby..."

Denise put her head down, "just go."

John let go of her hands and she caressed her hand. 

Denise uttered, "I can't do this..."

John turned, "I know you can't. "

Denise looked down, "I am going, back to the hotel."

John said, "okay. We can leave for Philly tomorrow. "

"How can you do this?"

"Because I love you, and I love my family."

"This is just hard for me to digest. We will always be in hiding.  I forever will be your best kept secret. That's my role. Roman and I will be done soon, but Nikki has no idea. Your parents and your family... I can't do this John. I am sorry."

"I know this. I was thinking about it, yesterday. But everything will work out."

"I just don't want to be hidden all the time. I am not giving up, just venting."

"It's okay. I get it. I gotta go back to the hospital.  Text me when you get back to the hotel."

The End

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