Step Up 2Mature

She gracefully walked down the stairs as people danced sexually against the wall. She softly rubbed her neck as she could feel Scott's sexual presence still lingering. There Goes My Baby by Usher took over the sound waves in the club.

She looked up at the balcony and waved goodbye to John. Her graphite green eyes caught his attention.  He couldn't help but to be captivated by her walk. She made her way through the crowd and ran into Boug.

Boug whispered,  "hey Denise."

She fluttered her eyes and said, "hey Bougie fresh. I see you dancing with those girls over there."

"They blew me off. I can't get the hang of this."

Denise smiled, "really, they blew you off. They must not know you are a Beamer Boy and you are the shit."

Boug smiled, "thanks Denise. I am technically the only Beamer boy that can't get a girl's attention."

Denise chuckled,  "you need to have a high level of condence and don't let them see any self esteem problems." She looked around and then replied, " I have an idea, come dance with me. If they see you dance with a pretty girl (me) then they will dance with you. It's dumb, but I promise you, it'll open the door."

J Holiday's Bed played as Denise commanded attention in the center on the dance floor.  Boug kept up with her sensual body positions. Other women started to watch as Boug rubbed his hips against Denise's hips. John observed her body swaying and couldn't help not to reminisce about touching her. She could hypnotize the entire room with the motions of her hips. Her vehement moves aligned with the sexual environment.

In the middle of the song, Denise broke apart from Boug, and waved goodbye. A sassy asian woman walked up and took the place of Denise. Boug continued to dance sexually with her. Denise subtlety cheered as Boug implied that he was appreciative.

Denise softly skipped toward the exit. The bouncer opened the door, "have a beautiful evening. You're a great dancer!"

Denise chuckled,  "thank you! And thank you!"

She clicked the unlock button as John walked up beside her.

"You rocked it in there! Gave my brother a show!" John cheered.

The End

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