The Nine Inch RuleMature

Denise opened the VIP room door and hugged John.

She whispered in his ear, "thank you, you saw me at the best possible time."

John whispered back, "was he hitting on you?"

Denise replied, "no, it was worst. He was feeling on me, and trying to have sex. But don't cause a scene. I don't want anything getting back to your mom. Now break."

John separated from Denise and Scott shook John's hand, "hey bro!? What are you doing up here?"

John turned to Denise, "you look beautiful." Neighbors know my name by Trey Songz played throughout the club. John turned to Scott, "yeah bro, my dad is sick, so I came up. Denise, why are you up here?"

Denise swiped her bang from infront of her eye, "I am up here on business.  I thought I come to the hottest place in Boston area. But who would have ever thought I would've ran into you. I hope your dad is okay. "

Scott smiled, "this is the hottest place in the Boston area, and you add to the sex appeal, doesn't she, John?" He put his hand around her waist while John cringed.

John smirked, "did I interrupt something?"

Scott smirked back, "actually..."

Denise interrupted,  "actually, it is getting late and I have an early meeting tomorrow. I think I'll call it a night."

Scott look disappointed and he whispered in her ear, "you don't want this cock do you?  Eight inches of pure pleasure, ha! I know you want me, I see the way you look at me. I will treat you better than John."

Denise tighen her grip around him, "I'm used to a minimum of nine inches and yes John is twelve inches. I DOUBT your touch outweighs his. I rather fuck John before fucking you. Your skins is so rough, drink some water and hydrate yourself.  But thank you for a beautiful evening. You should go home and fuck Annie, lay down your eight inch ruler because I am pretty sure she is craving you. Good night Scott."

Denise walked away from Scott and turned to John, "nice seeing you again. Bye John. Bye Scott."

Scott rubbed his pants as Denise left the balcony,  "yo, Denise is bad as shit. Her dirty talk just turned me the fuck on, maybe I'll go home and fuck the shit out of Annie."

John laughed out loud, "she does have a way with words. I'll see you later, Scott, I'ma see if I can catch up with her."

The End

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